Dr. Jason Pujo uses Oraqix® to make your procedures more comfortable.  Oraqix is a needle-free anesthetic.  It is administered topically and below the gum line as an alternative to traditional anesthetic injections, and it is often recommended for treatments like scaling and root planing.  We invite you to call Merrimack Valley Dentistry at 978-957-1898 to learn more about Oraqix in Dracut, Massachusetts, and to schedule your appointment with our experienced dentist.

When we provide you with Oraqix, our dentist first applies the anesthetic to the gums around the area receiving treatment.  We use a blunt-tipped applicator to apply the gel, and after 30 seconds, we will fill the pockets around the teeth with Oraqix as well.  After waiting a 30 more seconds, our dentist can begin treatment.

Advantages of Oraqix include:

  • Swift numbing effect, usually within 30 seconds
  • Numbness that lasts about 20 minutes, returning feeling to your mouth by the end of your appointment
  • Site selective anesthesia, numbing only the areas that need treatment
  • No needles! In fact, clinical studies have found that 70% of patients prefer Oraqix to traditional injections.

For more information about Oraqix and to set up your consultation with our dentist, please contact our office today.