The gentle care and soothing, attentive service at Merrimack Valley Dentistry is intended to lower your anxiety. To aid in this, we also provide treatments in a way that can lower your number of visits, allow for truly comprehensive care and still provide you with exceptional results. For some individuals, though, this not enough. They need additional comfort and ease to help alleviate the anxieties or concerns they have concerning their dental care.

For these patients, we offer NuCalm® in Dracut, Massachusetts — an ideal, drug-free and natural way to relieve stress. NuCalm®’s relaxing products work together to create a sense of serenity and relaxation. While they can be used in your personal life or to improve your sleeping, it is a proven technique in easing anxiety at the dentist’s office. NuCalm’s neuroscience technologies are intended to reduce stress and help you disconnect from frustrations or worries. Their services are compromised of the following steps:

  • Their topical cream and chewy supplements can create a sense of adrenaline and increase your heart rate
  • Step two involves microcurrent stimulation, which increases the performance of step one’s supplements and helps to counteract your body’s natural stress response
  • With the NuCalm App, you can gain access to music and nature sounds that include neuroacoustic beats
  • Using the NuCalm eye mask, you can remain inattentive to the movements and activities around you

It is our intention to help you control your anxieties, rewire your mindset and feel more at ease with NuCalm’s relaxation services. Please contact our office at 978-957-1898 to learn more about this relaxation dentistry from our dentist, Dr. Jason Pujo.