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Are you searching for a set of dental crowns to bring your smile around? Restore your smile with a set of CEREC® dental crowns, veneers or fillings!

If your teeth are cracked or chipped or damaged in some way, CEREC crowns and veneers can return the tooth to its original form and even improve its aesthetics and functionality. And best of all, it only takes one visit to complete the process. CEREC dental crowns and veneers are specially designed to be crafted, altered, customized, shaped, fitted, and installed in the office, all in the period of a single day. Other kinds of dental restorations can take as many as three weeks to complete.

If you have a cavity, try CEREC dental fillings. When you compare CEREC to amalgram and even composite fillings, it takes the cake every time. It has the best of both worlds: the toughness of an amalgram and the beauty of a composite filling. Due to the color of the materials used, which is often porcelain, the filling can effortlessly be made to match the natural color of your teeth – and it lasts longer than your average composite filling.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Merrimack Valley Dentistry for a CEREC dental treatment, just call our dentist office at 978-957-1898. We are located in Dracut, Massachusetts. Dr. Jason Pujo and all of our wonderful team look forward to making your smile shine.