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Are you considering a dental bridge for your restoration to replace your missing teeth? If so, then our dentist, Dr. Jason Pujo with Merrimack Valley Dentistry in Dracut, Massachusetts, can provide you insight on the basics of dental bridges.

Dental bridges are also called a fixed partial denture. Dental bridges fill in any holes from missing teeth by swapping the missing tooth with a prosthetic one that is fastened to the surrounding healthy teeth. Dental bridges can be made to appear normal and blend into your smile.

When you have a tooth or two fall out, this can significantly affect the way you eat or talk. Your speech can become difficult or harder to understand, and eating foods can also become harder to chew as you eat. That is why having them reestablished can help you in your everyday life. Restoring your teeth can also improve the look of your smile, which can increase your self-esteem and give you a complete smile once more.

Dental bridges are common and with proper care can last for many years. If you are interested in learning more or would like a consultation, please call 978-957-1898 today. Our dental team is happy to help you with your oral health.